Saturday, June 4, 2011

AGIP 02: Pilotwings 64

Hey guys,

I'm terribly sorry this is late. I finally received a new n64! I should be updating more often now.
This review also lacks pictures. Sorry about that also. The next review should have pictures.

When I purchased my 3DS, I bought two games to hold me over until Zelda Oot 3D. One of these games was Pilotwings Resort. After playing the game for a while I was joking around with a friend and said, “It’s just a glorified tech demo. I wonder if Nintendo will make this game for every new system from now on?” Turns out I was twenty years late with that statement. I never knew there was Pilotwings for the SNES nor Pilotwings 64. Each game has been a launch game so far; are they just overpriced demos or decent games? Today I’ll be looking at Pilotwings 64 to answer this question.

Right off the bat, I’ve mixed feelings about the game. There are six different characters (all are named after birds and don’t affect the gameplay) and 24 levels to choose from, plus four free-roaming states. The courses either have you fly through rings, shoot stuff, or take pictures. I finished every course in a couple sittings, but my scores were low on the later courses. The stages vary from a tropical island to a scaled down USA. I really enjoy the free-roaming options. there are many easter eggs to be found. On the other hand, it’s really just a mediocre flight sim.

Not real much to say here. There are four different flying modes: Hang Glider, Rocket Belt, Gyrocopter, and Birdman. Each variant has similar controls and are easy to learn, but everything is stiff. Good luck with some of the expert turns on the later courses.

The music is not that bad. I’ve read some reviews that compare it to porn music, but it’s that classy, high-brow porn music. The kind of music that would be in a movie that you would keep on a shelf with all your other movies. It’s good atmosphere music. None of the songs are memorable, but the remind me of the Mario Kart 64 soundtrack.

There isn’t.

This game was designed to be replayed again and again. As stated before, it didn’t take me long to complete all the courses, but my scores sucked. It’s a much longer and challenging game if you try to get a perfect score. The later levels are brutal, so you’re in for a good fight.

To conclude this review, Pilotwings 64 is really just a tech demo. I’ve never been a fan of flight simulators, but there’s really nothing that makes this game stand out.

Screw that stupid point system I used last review. It’s dumb and doesn’t work for all genres. From now on, I’ll just tell you guys one of three things: avoid, worth a shot, or must have. That’s much easier than a bullshit point system.

VERDICT: Worth a shot.
The game isn’t on the Virtual Console yet, but it’s cheap on online auction sites. If you like flight sims you might like this.

Next time, I find the level 2 key before the level 1 key.


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